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Indirectly on Tech Crunch?

Last Thursday I went to Internapalooza, an event geared towards entrepreneurial software engineering interns. The first half started off as a crowded career fair with big name tech giants and startups in the SF Bay Area, such as Apple, Uber, AirBnb, and Microsoft. The next half focused on talks by accomplished technology veterans, most notably Sam Altman of Y-Combinator.

Tech Crunch Article

The top quote by Sam? Actually a response to my question, check it out.

I’m there a bit after the 19:00 mark. Hopefully I’ll be on Tech Crunch many more times in the future, in a more direct fashion.

Microsoft held a “recruiting” afterparty in the Yammer offices. I’m still debating which is more ridiculous: Microsoft throwing a college type party, or someone in Microsoft deciding that sort of recruiting measure was worth spend an exorbiant ammount of money on.

I’ll summarize the talks I’ve attended at the end of the summer.

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