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What I’m doing now

I’m traveling and working on a few projects - currently in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can’t recall how but I started speaking Spanish fluently a few days ago, full of lunfardo (the Argentinian slang word for the slang used in Argentina…), “Todo tranqui, vos?”, and other phrases/words unique to the dialect here. I’m also midway through reading “El Aleph” by Borges, arguably the most famous Argentinian author. It all has been fascinating, fun, and challenging immersing myself in the culture here so far. I’ve felt the days become extremely long all of the sudden, and feel I’m constantly learning. Like most long-term travel away from “home”, I find myself alternating between really enjoying myself and asking myself “what am I doing here?”. As time goes on, I hope to find more questions that compliment this one rather than the answer.

The general direction of my travels is northwest; one might call this “the long way” back to San Francisco, California. I’m especially looking to meet introspective, curious, and kind people on my journey. If you know or are one of these, reach out at ronnyb - at - jhu - dot - edu.

Among these projects is an expansion of the machine learning research I was doing for my Masters during my time at JHU. More on this can be found via my projects page.

Projects/travel aside, I spend a good portion of my time reading, playing music, running, and thinking about the most important problems to take on next. I take notes on and glean lessons from much of what I read, so perhaps I’ll post these too on the site in the future.

This update was written Oct 9th, 2017.