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California Love

After a month in the Bay Area, I have concluded that Silicon Valley is awesome!

I’m living in Palo Alto with a diverse group of 5 other interns. All together we span 6 grade years, 5 schools, 5 countries, and 6 companies (Google, Tesla, and startups).

I’ve become a bike enthusiast as of May 19th, my first time riding my subpar Walmart mountain bike to work. If you asked me last month, I would’ve mentioned falling off a bike over 50 times trying to re-learn how to ride a bike on a mountain biking trip with JHOC. Aside from an accident at Google where my friend and I pretended we would collide and ended up going head first into each other, I haven’t fallen yet which definitely qualifies as an improvement. All the roads have bike lanes, and there are even some roads specifically intended for only bikers. Combining this with the daily 20° C with a nice breeze makes biking here a fantastic experience.

The Bay Area in general truly bustles with hi-tech activity. Just a few things I’ve done so far:

  • Relaxed on a Google massage chair
  • NASA Ames chief scientist Jacob Cohen talk on space exploration
  • LinkedIn panel on future product plans with several VPs
  • Biking past Steve Jobs’s former house on Waverly on the way to work
  • Playing the piano at the houses of a few really nice Israelis
  • SF Nightlife
  • Exploring the Stanford campus

So far, I’ve been very impressed by the people and the area - feel free to ask me anything more!