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Below is a collection of notes on some books I’ve read and a list of my favorites. I began to heavily annotate books sometime during summer of 2017.

I have a strong preference for reading fiction. I see myself in a creative, generative, and artistic light, and therefore see more value in reading creative, generative, and artistic stories. Having said this, I rarely take notes on fiction.

Short summary but detailed notes for each. Think of this as an online commonplace book. This page will constantly update as I read more.

Book notes

Currently, no notes are posted. Stay tuned :)


All time

Criteria for non-fiction to be a favorite: must be incredibly thought provoking and perhaps change how I view a core belief. For fiction: must cover non-fiction criteria and provoke significant emotion. My favorites, under this criteria, are as follows:

Many other books I’ve read are quite good. My rating for them can be found on my Goodreads profile.

Per year

A few, broader favorites from the past few years: