Ron Boger personal site + musings

Piano Performance and Interest

During my MS studies in Computer Science at JHU, I was fortunate to learn and perform at the Peabody Conservatory. Video below from my Spring 2017 performance.

Currently, I’m learning and intrigued by Beethoven’s 30th Sonata, Bach’s Italian Concerto, and Chopin’s etudes. Links for listening below, by a few of my favorite performers :).

A Next Chapter

A lot can happen in the span of 1.5 years of not writing. I became a master’s student in Computer Science at JHU. MedHacks, the focus of my last post (in 2015!), has beautifully transitioned leadership twice. I’ve lived in Neot Semadar, a wonderful kibbutz in the southern desert of Israel; worked at Flipboard as a data scientist through the KPCB Fellowship; played the piano at the Peabody conservatory, and much more that cannot be encapsulated in one short post.

Previously, I used this blog as a “slightly less private journal” on my travels in Silicon Valley. Now, as my master’s research focuses on machine learning, I want to keep track and write a few simple tutorials every month on cool things I’ve learned in advanced Computer Science and Mathematics. I’ll post what I’ve learned here - hopefully others can benefit and learn from them. I believe sparse reconstruction, subspace clsutering, and several other more academic topics are locked up in academia, and could have use in industry. Further, I plan to continue to travel once my studies conclude, and will continue to write for the same original purpose.